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The North Atlantic States Carpenters Training Fund is a training program jointly sponsored by the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters and our signatory building contractors. Through its programs, the North Atlantic States Carpenters Training Fund offers training in residential and commercial Carpentry, Floorcovering and Pile Driving for both apprentices and journeymen throughout New England.

The Skill Enhancement program consists of nine training centers throughout New England, in which all conduct classes for our members. The apprenticeship program is a full time day program and is run at our training centers in Millbury, MA and Yalesville, CT.

The apprenticeship program is a four year competency based training program that includes both classroom training and on the job training. The training consists of 160+ hours a year of classroom and shop training as well as 4000-8000 hours of on the job training over a four year period. All apprentices are trained with the most current curriculum of safety and building technology.

The North Atlantic States Carpenters Training Fund is administered by a twenty-eight (28) member Board of Trustees; fourteen (14) Trustees represent contributing employers (Contractors) and fourteen (14) Trustees represent the Union. The Trustees determine the subject matter of the courses and the frequency with which they are offered in a cooperative effort with the various Joint Apprenticeship Advisory Committees throughout New England. The goals of the Trustees are to increase safety, skills and encourage work advancement.

The US Department of Labor – Division of Apprentice Training, has expressed to the North Atlantic States Carpenters Training Fund’s Board of Trustees, enthusiastic support and encourages its partnership in the training of apprentices.

Mission Statement

The North Atlantic States Carpenters Training Fund delivers cutting-edge training and curriculum in state-of-the-art facilities to apprentice and journey level union carpenters seeking a strong competitive advantage in today’s construction industry.

By recruiting and training those who strive for excellence, we provide our union and our contractors with highly skilled, productive carpenters who exemplify the drive for excellence.

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