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Carpenters Union benefits are the best in the industry. They are established through collective bargaining between union and management representatives and administered by Trustees equally representing both sides. For every hour a carpenter works, employers contribute specified amounts to cover their benefits. Employers also contribute to industry improvement through apprentice and journey level upgrade training and safety programs.
Our members enjoy wages, working conditions and benefits that allow them to provide a decent life for themselves and their families.

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The Carpenters’ Health Benefits Fund provides family coverage to all members who meet the requirements. Under the various collective bargaining agreements, employers are required to contribute to the Health Fund on behalf of Carpenter employees. For more information about Health Benefits, please contact your Local Fund office:

New England Carpenters Health, Pension & Annuity Fund

10 Broadway

Hamden, CT 06518

Telephone: 800-922-6026 or 203-281-5511

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Signatory employers make contributions to each member’s Annuity Fund account as outlined in the Summary Plan Description.

The Annuity Plan is an individual account plan (Defined Contribution) to which employers make contributions for each hour that a participant works in covered employment. A participant pays no tax at the times these amounts are contributed, but is taxed when he/she receives a distribution from the plan. The plan also permits participants to make voluntary contributions with after-tax dollars.

The Trustees of the plan hire a bank custodian to hold contributed amounts in the Trust Fund. They also hire an independent investment consultant for professional advice on adopting an Investment Policy and hiring investment managers to invest those amounts. The Investment Policy specifies that Fund investments be diversified among various asset classes, such as fixed income, equities, real estate, and alternatives, and permits a level of risk that is reasonable for a long-term perspective. The investments result in earnings or losses.

The earnings or losses arise from income on investments and any increases or decreases in the market value of the securities that may be held in the Trust Fund.

The purpose of the Southern New England Carpenters Annuity Plan is to supplement the monthly retirement benefit to which you are entitled from Social Security and from the New England Carpenters Pension Fund. The Annuity Plan also provides benefits upon death, disability, specified hardships, ”Break in Service” or termination of employment from the industry.

Personal or family situations also change from time to time. When they do, you should

make sure your beneficiary designation reflects your current wishes. You should also notify the Fund Office of changes in your address or marital status.

For more information about Annuity benefits, please contact your Local Fund office:

New England Carpenters Health, Pension, & Annuity Fund

10 Broadway

Hamden, CT  06518

Telephone: 800-922-6026 or 203-281-5511

Retirement Protection


The Carpenters’ Pension Fund was established to provide retirement benefits to supplement Social Security.

Under various collective bargaining agreements, signatory employers make contributions to the Fund on behalf of their employees.

Benefits are provided to vested participants. The following Pension benefits are offered through the Fund:

  • Regular Pension

  • Early Pension

  • Disability Pension

  • Vested Pension

  • Pro-rata Pension

  • Service Pension

For more information about Pension benefits, please contact your Local Fund office:

New England Carpenters Health, Pension & Annuity Fund

10 Broadway

Hamden, CT 06518

Telephone: 800-922-6026 or 203-281-5511

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